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Payment and Delivery

Payment and Delivery

Payment is made after delivery fact, cash. If you have not a standard order, difficult complectation, unusual form, u can be asked to make a small pre-payment. Pre-payment is made with bank-transfer (all the requisites for payment you can find in Contact info), or cash at salesman office. Final settlement(payment) is made after fact of delivery.

If you are interested in non-cash form of payment or your buying on behalf of organisation, you would be billed for requisites that has been written in your order form. Orthopedic base will be delivered to pointed in order form address, in next 2 working-days after payment has been received on our settlement account. Billing can be also “formed” for a private person.

Delivery in Moscow and Moscow region

Delivery in Moscow

With order from 5000 rub. delivery in Moscow is free straight to buyers address. Orders under 5000 is billed and cost 500 rub.

Delivery terms: delivery is made next day if you ordered before 11:30 (Moscow time), or in a day when order was made (if asked and possibility confirmed). Delivery is made at working-days from 11:00 to 00:00 (Moscow time). At weekend delivery is possible but with special agreement (contact us).

Floor door-to-door delivery. Each staircase - 100rub. Elevator: if product width is less 120cm - 100rub., if more than 120cm - 200rub.

Delivery in Moscow region

With order from 10 000 rub. delivery in Moscow region is free straight to buyers address. Delivery of order costing less than 10 000 rub - payed. Costs are 30 rub. per km, with 5 km free. If ride is more than 30km away from MKAD, than price per kilometer is increased. More than 80km, no delivery or only with special agreement(contact us).

Delivery terms: next work-day with order before 12:00 (Moscow time) and in 2 days if ordered after 12:00. Time and days of Delivery: from monday to saturday from 10:00 to 22:00.

Delivery to Regions

Also possible. With any Logistic company, on your choice. We will deliver your products to loading terminal, free.